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Course Layout

Hole #1: Par 4 362 318
hole 1
Country View’s opening hole starts with a blind tee shot. With OB right, our advice is to keep it short and straight on this Par 4.

Hole #2: Par 3 141 126 119
hole 2 app

Hole #2 is a short, downhill Par 3, and is one of Country View’s favorites. With OB long and right of this well-bunkered green, club selection becomes critical. Overshooting the green on this hole could start your round off on the wrong foot.

Hole #3: Par 4 356 341 304
hole 3 hole 3 green
Hole #3, a sharp dogleg right, is one of Country View’s most challenging holes. For your first shot, our advice would be to keep it straight. Your second shot is to a green that is sloped back to front, with a large bunker to the right. Long hitters can try to cut the corner, but do so at their own risk.

Hole #4: Par 4 365 347 292
hole 44green
Our advice for Hole #4: Put the driver back in your bag. Using a 3-Wood might keep you in the fairway. Your second shot is no piece of cake if you don’t keep it straight, as you’ll play slightly downhill to a green sloping away from you. Two large bunkers guard the right and left flanks of the green, so we suggest playing it cautiously.

Hole #5: Par 4 329 315 255

hole 5 hole 5 tree
Large, drooping willows guard both sides of the fairway on Hole #5. It’s essential on this hole to find the fairway with your drive. This leaves a short iron second shot to this green. Traps guard the right and left flanks of this green.
Hole #6: Par 5 475 461 391
hole 6
If you can put gravity on your side, Hole #6 can be your chance to pick up a shot. Long hitters can reach in two, as your second shot will play steeply downhill. Shorter hitters will want to avoid the large fairway bunker about 70 yards short of the green. As much as you’d like to go long on this hole, be careful: OB lies closely behind, left and right of the green.
Hole #7: Par 3 150 137 119
hole 7 hole 7 cup
Enjoy the aesthetics of our newly renovated Tee on the bottom of Hole #7, and be ready to play uphill. An extra club is recommended, and beware of the bunkers long left and right.

Hole #8: Par 4 381 344 268

hole 9hole 8 green
Our advice for this simple, yet beautiful hole: Hit it long and pray it straight. One of Country View’s largest bunkers lies short right of this green.

Hole #9: Par 4 386 348 338

hole 9 green hole 9 fairway
To wrap up the Front 9, we recommend a right-to-left tee shot. Play it short and cautious, as this hole slopes downhill into a bunker on your left and OB long and right.

Hole #10: Par 4 406 379 348
hole 10 green Hole 10
The Back 9 begins with the 10th fairway sloping right to left, with a continuous treeline guarding your right that will follow you all the way to the water.  Your second shot will play “shorter than the yardage,” as it is slightly downhill to a green sloping  front to back and right to left. Be cautious of a large trap and a rough treeline to the right of the green.

Hole #11: Par 4 291 281 275
hole 11
The best course of action for Hole 11 is to keep it short and sweet, so you may want to keep the driver in the bag. Long hitters will want to try to drive this short Par 4, but often end up in the treeline or the large trap short left of the fairway. Trust us when we say, you’re better off short and right of any pin position.

Hole #12: Par 5 514 485 404
pic3 pic1
This picturesque Par 5 is one of Country View’s main attractions. A long drive down the right side of the fairway, and maybe a bit of luck, could give a long hitter a chance to reach over the water in two shots. If you’re not “Happy Gilmore,” we recommend a short lay-up of the water for a more accurate shot to the green. Prepare for a downhill lie to an elevated green on your third shot.

Hole #13: Par 3 189 178 164

hole 13 greenhole 13 mower
Hole 13 is a medium length Par 3 where accuracy is a must. The green is flanked right and left by bunkers, with a center bunker 10 yards short of the green. With OB behind the green and a good chance of landing in sand, we recommend playing it short.

Hole #14: Par 4 349 332 301
hole 14 turkeys
If you haven’t played the View in a while, you’ll be happy to know that the tricky fairway trap on Hole 14 has been removed. In its place is a large “grass trap” to the left of the fairway. Your second shot is downhill to a large, deceiving green.

Hole #15: Par 4 398 392 331
0007 pic2
Holes 15-18, dubbed by many as “Gorilla Alley,” can make or break your round. While you may want to take a minute to enjoy the aesthetics, be cautious. With 260 yards to the water, OB left and a fairway bunker right, a careful tee shot is called for on Hole 15. Make note that the second half of the fairway is downhill to the water. Upon crossing the water, you’ll play a steep incline to a green surrounded by mounds and a bunker to the left.

Hole #16: Par 4 402 386 325
CV Hole 16
 The 16th is one of Country View’s most challenging holes. This long, long Par 4 is a slight dogleg left from a blind tee shot, with tree lines to both flanks. The good news is, there are no bunkers on this hole; the bad news is, there are plenty of mounds and trenches to look out for.

Hole #17: Par 3 199 184 160

Hole 17 17 tee
 This Par 3 is a thing of beauty. You’ll hit from a new and beautifully renovated tee-box to a small green crowded on both sides by steeply-walled bunkers. Take a minute to enjoy the view on this short hole.

Hole #18: Par 4 374 367 307
hole 18

To end your round, we recommend a right-to-left tee shot.  Many a ball has been lost in the tree lines guarding both sides of Hole 18. The second shot 18th Greenis uphill to a narrow, undulating green. Play it short to the green, as overshooting this steep green may end your game on a sour note.